Taxes rant – Don’t mess with Taxes!

So I’m sitting here, trying to finish up our taxes for 2017. It’s crunch time. I feel the panic and for the first time in my adult life I fear we won’t make it by the due date. I’m usually early and have our taxes done by Jan/Feb. This year though, with the move back to Texas and all the organizing, I’ve been slacking off — and to make it worse, I’m waiting on one last piece of information. My husband, being a diesel mechanic, is always needing and buying tools and receives an itemized list from the Matco guy. Ofcourse, now, the Matco guy is taking his sweet time. It’s the very last thing I need to complete our taxes and be done with it. I could put what I think he spent but I just wouldn’t dare. If we don’t get that list soon, I just might have to claim them in 2018 because — don’t mess with Taxes!

It’s always such a bother to gather up all the information. We rented out our home last year so I had to gather all the information for that. We really got screwed with that deal but we fortunately got the people to move out and that was a huge worry off my back. Still, there is so much money we lost but we didn’t know all we could have claimed since we were kind of new at this whole renting thing. I could kind of eye ball it but I wouldn’t dare because — don’t mess with Taxes!

The info that I do hate searching for is for example, car registration fees. I hate it because I always forget to write it down or keep the receipts. I spent precious, valuable time yesterday searching for the dues all up and down our bank statements. Yippee. I wondered if I could just give an educated guess but — don’t mess with Taxes!

OMG — donations! Those too. I hate thinking back on dates and what all it was we donated. We’re so lazy when it comes to getting rid of stuff. What I mean is that we’d rather donate or give things away than have a garage sale, for example. Every year I swear we end up donating thousands of dollars worth of stuff but I only claim about $400 or so. This time I have the receipts but not sure where some are. Especially with this move. Everything is scattered and I still have boxes to go through. Oh and I already have two big boxes of clothes to donate this year — and guess what? I threw away about five trash cans full of clothes, books, movies, two carpets, pillows and a small dresser. Why? Because my husband mowed the grass on the vacant land next to us and then remembered about the field mice. I’m a city girl so I had no clue about field mice. We had our garage door open and had placed several boxes we took out from our storage unit and stored them in the garage. It was all stuff we were going to donate. Well, when we finally did our move and came back to Texas, all of the stuff had mice poop! =o Yea. Disgusting. I had to throw all that away. Can’t claim any of it now because — don’t mess with Taxes!

Next year I gotta up my game. I have to get more organized so I don’t get lazy when tax season 2018 comes around.

Hope you all are doing much better than I am and as a Texas resident I’d like to remind you — don’t mess with Texas! =D