Road trip with Benjamin

I have to say My Benjamin did remarkable well during our road trip to North Cali.

We drove up for a friend’s baby shower because I promised her I wouldn’t miss it for the world…and when you make a promise you have to keep it. So, we woke up around 4:30am and left at 4:45am. Benjamin did great for about seven hours on the road. We trucked it all the way to Tracy, CA, where we stopped to buy the baby shower bag— and that’s when he just had it.

“Mom, get off me right now!” His way of saying he wanted to get out of his seat. When Benjamin’s not happy, I’m not happy. My stress level goes sky high and I panic. I was driving so I felt so helpless, unable to go back there and reassure him. Fortunately, we weren’t far from a Walmart. We stopped and we all got out so that gave him a nice little break. I bought him a baseball bat with the t-ball and everything. After that he was in a great mood. He got back in the car without a fuss as I explained to him our next stop would be a park.

Once we arrived to the baby shower at the park, he ran straight to the grass and began hitting his ball. There were so many other kids there that I was nervous on how everything would play out. Surprisingly, he did very well! He didn’t want to share but that’s alright. He ran and laughed and talked with the other kids. He was having a great time.

Three or four hours later, he had it. I had to excuse ourselves and say our good-bye’s. As soon as Benjamin got in his car seat, he was out! So, he was exhausted, which was ok too.

Everything went well…the hotel, the next morning…BUT…once we had been on the road for about three or four hours, he began getting frustrated and began screaming. We pulled over and he calmed down. That too, was ok.

So, over all, I think Benjamin did remarkably well. I stressed out a lot for nothing. lol..Plus most of the times he got cranky, I think I could have been better prepared. Next time, I have to have more snacks and drinks AND a dvd player!