California Family Kicked Off Delta Flight

Oh my goodness! First of all, hello. It’s been a while since my last post. So much has been going on that I haven’t had the time or energy to keep up with this blog. Things are beginning to settle down and school will be back in session, which means more free time for me. With that being said, this morning, while going through Facebook, I came across a shared video. It was about a family of four who were threatened with imprisonment and foster care for their children if they did not cooperate with FAA regulations.

I’m not going to say too much since this is already all over social media but I only want to give my two cents. You can look it up under “California Family Kicked Off Delta Flight, Threatened With Jail, Foster Care for Refusing to Give Up Tot’s Seat” or something like that.


First of all, I was wide-eyed in astonishment. I couldn’t believe how rudely they were being treated. I know we have rules and regulations for a reason but I believe employees should always be tactful when trying to enforce and explain regulations and procedures. I don’t think this was handled right at all. I feel bad for the couple. I also paid close attention to the father’s face and could just see the frustration of him believing he was following logic and still, there was no way of protecting his family…of standing up for what was right. I could see his manhood just being stripped away as he was being threatened with imprisonment for him and his wife and his children into foster care. WOW. Really? WOW. For this?

I said I wouldn’t say much and I gotta stop there. I’m not spending more energy on this especially because Delta airlines did end up apologizing and admitting they were at fault by the way it was handled.

Check out the articles on line and tell me what you think but please be respectful and tactful. 😉