One Day Older and Wiser

Today I’m one day old.

It’s amazing how much learning one can experience in a day. Yesterday, I was just born…I came from a place with loud sounds and vibrations…I could hear my mother’s heart beat alongside with mine…her muffled voice is now a vague memory…breathing, communicating…I can’t remember how I did these but I did them.

Now, in this life I chose to join, sounds have a different beauty. I’ve learned to listen to these because in this life I’m now in, they have different meanings. These eyes have learned to see so much already. I also have learned to choose what I see. My heart was just a heart in my other life but now, is it part of how I feel? No–It isn’t…it is still just a heart. Today, I learned I can choose to believe that.

In my short time in this new life of mine, I learned I can choose to feel however I want. Though, there was a moment when I had forgotten I had that power.  I even forgot why I wanted to be here in the first place…but only eight or nine hours after I was born, it all came back to me. I am here because I wanted to be BRAVE…I wanted to HELP OTHERS…to UNDERSTAND…I am also here to LOVE.

I am here because I heard tomorrow would come…and like the rock star that it is, I am excited to see it for myself…because if I gained all this wisdom in a day, imagine with what eyes I will see tomorrow?

—-Emma G Prince  ©




(Yesterday I turned 45 but there was only a “3” candle. LOL. I can live with that.)


A Special Gift on Mother’s Day

My middle son gave me a special gift on Mother’s Day. All my boys are sweet, but this year, it was Everett’s turn to make me cry and boy…he got me good.

A few months ago I had told him how much I loved DR Seuss’ book Oh The Places You’ll Go! I had never known of such book until I had to read it in front of my son’s classroom last year. I barely got through the book but as soon as I walked out of the classroom, I couldn’t stop crying. It just had so much meaning to me, to my life at that moment.

I was forty-three or maybe I had already turned forty-four but I had just been going through so much in my life. It’s weird to think how different I am now from who I was last year. I was just waiting for earth’s gravity to squash me…pretty much.

But I hold Dr Seuss’ book close to my heart. It is so dead on. Watching those children in my son’s classroom that day, it just filled me with sadness knowing that each and every one of them would go through dark roads…and that some roads are only wide enough for one. I think of all my dark days and how many times I felt so alone. I wonder who these children will think of when these trying times grow near? God? Their angels? Their parents, family, a role model?…God, I pray whoever is their caretaker adds the tools they’ll be looking for so desperately when the time is needed.

I’m forty-four now, soon to be forty-five. I’ve been through clear roads, scary roads and hopeful roads. I’ve been alone at times and with company at others. I can definitely say that I am still learning so much, every day. Today, I am less afraid, less sad…because I’ve faced many of my fears and demons but I’ve had help. There is ALWAYS help.

I realize now I am a spirit…having a human experience…that I have a home, in another place…but that I CHOSE to come here for a reason…a reason my children and strangers help me remember every now and then. That reason is simple…to spread LOVE so that this planet can heal. Slowly, I am beginning to realize Dr Seuss was very right…

“And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”




Someone tried to kill me today…

Someone tried to kill me today. I didn’t get to see their face; it was all so sudden. I was driving on an off ramp, going the speed limit—when I saw the vehicle. It was approaching quite fast directly behind me—white truck; not a monster truck but still quite high. I can’t recall the make and model. I was so startled when it happened and couldn’t think straight. All I felt was instant rage. Possibly the kind a momma bear feels when her young cub is in danger, since my son was riding in the back.

I’m not sure if they were male or female but I feel inclined to say HE. I have no idea why anyone would want to kill me and my son. Maybe I’m some kind of Sara Conner and some bad-ass from the future was sent to my 2017 to extinguish me? What if they meant to kill my son? I won’t know for now. I can just say I’m safe in my home, in front of my computer, blogging, telling y’all the story.

He came fast behind me. I had a car to my left and HIM following close behind. In an instant, the way most killers do in movies when they’re  trying to run someone off the road, HE switched lanes to my right and spad up. We were all three following the curve of the ramp, turning left, when he decided to go for the kill. He didn’t even care about the car next to me as he spad up and switched lanes again, cutting me off—the way killers do. His back bumper came so close to my van that if I had not had spidey reflexes, he would’ve hit me for sure. I probably would’ve hit the other car that was next to me. My son and I could have been dead.

Now, as I sit safe in my home, whenever I hear an engine reeving, I think it’s him. Is he stalking me? Is he waiting for the moment I forget?

Killers are cold blooded. If this man didn’t care about my son, what makes you think he’ll care about yours? Beware. They are out there…sent from the future…to kill.


Easter-What Came First? The Chicken or the Bunny?

Easter. I was brought up Catholic, strict about sex but lenient about alcohol and smoking (Though for the record, I HATE SMOKING and I don’t drink much nowadays…oh and sex? Not much of that either nowadays…lol). Let me clear that up for you since I brought it up. My mom used to smoke many years ago, and my dad wasn’t an alcoholic but a social drinker with a two drink maximum. There. Can I please go on now? Ok. So they did take us to mass every Sunday, we had a bible study at our home for a couple of years, and Easter Sunday was a huge deal—with lots of prayers as we prepared for the big day. We’d dress up and head to an overcrowded mass. Everyone there was wearing pastels and looked like they were all headed to the Del Mar races afterwards. After mass, we’d come home and nothing much would happen after that—at first.

When my parents began having more American friends, that’s when we started going to Easter egg hunts. I don’t remember thinking much about it except that it was fun to be playing with a bunch of kids and getting candy and sugar.

When I became a mother, I followed the Easter egg hunt tradition with my son but when his father and I divorced, I just let him take over. I didn’t have family here in the US and my brothers didn’t marry nor had kids so, I thought he should stay with his dad and he’d just bring him in the evening. His father had like seven sisters and plenty of nieces and nephews and I was sure my son would have more fun with his father’s side of the family. So, for many years, I didn’t have the spirit of Easter and chicken and bunnies and hunting.

Through the years, I let my Catholic faith go and decided there was a little bit of truth in ALL religions but I wondered why this Easter bunny thing was as it was? When did this Easter egg hunting come to be? Sure, it’s fun for the kids but I just didn’t understand why it should be fun? At least make chocolate crosses and have the kids look for them? Or make plastic, hallow faces of Jesus and put candy inside and have kids find them? I don’t know. (humor)

It was until yesterday, when my parents, still following the hunt tradition for my next two children, and I were sitting in the backyard; relaxed, stuffed from all the delicious grub, began to talk about the meaning of Easter. My mother, who loves history and loves reading, had an answer to almost all of my questions. She even mentioned that the Jewish also celebrate an Easter. I did not know that! I was full of more questions. We went all the way back to Abraham and Egypt and each time I had more and more questions. I realized I just wanted to know too much and my mother began feeling frustrated (I should do my own reading). LOL. I left it alone but from all the questions I asked, she did not have an answer for one. She could not answer why the bunny and the chicken? LOL

Good day my PEEPS =D


Clearing the Air with Frankincense

Lately I’ve been feeling hate—hate towards my husband mostly. One day, that was all I could think about. He got home from work and I felt this negative energy consuming me. He got close to me and placed his arm around me—I wanted to push him away, almost in a rage. I didn’t know why.

Being a problem solver, I begin going through everything I’ve learned in my life so far. I realize my anger must be with my father, but why? I begin analyzing. Though it’s all making perfect sense (I’ll save the results for a later post) I admit there is a negative energy present.

Yesterday, I felt it. My mother is a big believer of spirits and I worry about her. I feel I’m here to protect my family. Several things have happened which have no explanation, and though I try to ignore such things, I admit I do believe in energy. After all, that is what moves us all.

I’ll keep this post short and share only the need to clean the air every now and then. I’m not an expert on everything; I don’t know why this works, but it does.


I found an article with some information I’d like to share. Apparently, there are different incense for different needs. For example, I didn’t know one shouldn’t burn Myrrh by itself!

“Unless it is mixed with an elevating incense it is liable to bring negative things to the person using it incautiously.” [article by Draja Mickaharic]

I think this would be a MUST read for those interested in incense. I’ll only share the title:

Cleansing Your Home and Environment with Incense

Happy Dry-Hump Day!

HUH? What did I just type up there? Happy dry-hump day? That’s just disgusting and unladylike. Really? I do apologize. I don’t mean to be offensive but this truly happened. You may choose to leave my blog NOW…or keep on reading…

Ok, yes, that’s the title, but hear me out first. (LOL) I meant to type this one up yesterday, since it was Wednesday and, indeed hump day; but I just ran out of time—messing with other stuff which I’ll have to share with you later. Let’s get to the meaning of all this. Shall we?

So, yesterday morning I had a bizarre dream. I dreamt I was ‘dry-humping’ a woman!

OH MY! OH ME! OH WHY? (sigh)—Dreams—I tell ya; they are one way to tell how dirty your soul really is. LOL. And I found how dirty mine is…just kidding. If anyone is into dreams though, please tell me your interpretation of this one because I just don’t know what to make of it. (Please keep it clean…be nice)

I was somewhere, in some apartment building, walking, minding me own business, when these two women approach me. They weren’t good looking at all. One of them, the one I ended up dry-humping, actually had a triangular head, bushy, dark eyebrows, and a missing forehead. So, these two ladies are horny—super horny. They are rubbing on me and want to invite me to have a threesome. I am disgusted and mad that they are actually rubbing their horny, nasty, unattractiveness on me. I tell them I am not into that and I try to walk away, but they follow me and tag team me—one is in front of me and the other one behind me. For reasons only a man would understand (joke), I feel I have no other option but to give in to their sluttiness. I have the one in front, with the triangular face, lay on her back and as I lean over to lay on her, she lifts her legs up and opens them wide. She’s moaning like a crazed cow (I’ve never seen a crazed cow but I can imagine one) and I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. Out of nowhere, I begin feeling aroused! Yes, aroused! WTH? (This is pretty embarrassing for me to share but it’s just hilarious at the same time that I figure ‘why not share?’) —OK. Back to me feeling aroused. I start thinking, “What the heck. I wish I was a man so I can do this.” I start dry-humping this woman, with everything I had…

I’ll stop there. If I continue describing what I felt, I’ll just hide under a rock. I did share this with my husband and we were cracking up. His explanation was, “Well, maybe because your subconscious knew today was hump day. Happy Hump Day.” LMBO

Ah, the mysterious world of dreams. SMH

What are blogs for?

Good morning sunshines! I’m new at this blogging thing. I have no good excuse— after all I do have a degree in Media Arts with emphasis in web design and animation. LOL. I used to be BOSS on the web. HA-HA. So, what happened? Family life happened. Listen, I look horrible in hats but if I did wear hats, I’d take off my hats to those women—and men who are stay-at-home parents and still manage to work from home, create blogs, do crafts, etc. Me, no, I can only do one thing at a time. Ha-Ha. So, I let my webbing go and focused on raising my family. I paused just before ending that sentence. I was going to say ‘raising my kids’ but soon realized I have been raising my husband also. Therefor, I’ve been raising my ‘family.’

Any who, I realized starting a blog was inevitable. My youngest was beginning school and now I’d have all the time in the world to pick up where I had left off.  (I’m finding it difficult to concentrate at the moment since my husband is next to me watching Paranormal Witness. It’s quite intense for a Sunday morning while trying to write my first blog. Ha!) I started writing my book, The Silent Life of Genevieve, back in 2010. By 2011 I was a student at UNT-Denton and met Megan, an English Lit major. Because my husband and I had been on one income and had just bought our new home, I didn’t have money saved up to hire an editor. Megan was interested in taking on the task to edit my book for a reasonable fee. After the editing, I wanted to self-publish my book so I rushed and did it but was not pleased with the cover at all. Twenty twelve, I had my hands full with—A LOT which I’ll get to later—so I put my Genevieve away for two years. In 2014 I used to self publish but rushed into making the cover—again.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago, when my four year old began preK, that I had more time, downloaded Photoshop, and finally put the time into designing a pleasing book cover.


In those two weeks, I finally put the time to find out how other self publishers have found it successful to sell their books. (Well, throughout the years I had known ‘Blogging’ was a big deal but I new I didn’t have the time.) Now, here I am. My first REAL blog. Technically, this one is my second. He he.

So, what are Blogs for? I have found they are for many things, really. I’d say ‘Sharing is Caring.’ After reading several blogs, I think I am going to love blogging. I love sharing—and I have lots to share! For me, this blog will be just for that, to share. I want to share about my life and experiences. I am really looking forward to this blogging thing. LOL. I’m hoping it’ll help with the sales of my book, The Silent Life of Genevieve, ofcourse. We’ll see how this train goes. As for today, I have really enjoyed typing this up. Though I’d recommend NOT watching Paranormal Witness while blogging—LOL—because it will take two hours to type a few paragraphs!

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!