About little ol’ me

Hello and thank you for visiting. I’m not used to having company since I’ve been dedicating myself to my children for the last decade or so. Just recently my four year old was admitted to preK and I now have some time to do what I love–writing.

I’m new at this blogging thing. I’ve heard publishers want authors to put themselves out there and get known. So, here I am—naked and scared—with nothing but two leafs to cover my precious. (Sorry, nothing like crude humor to ease my nerves)

I plan to write about my every day life, every day struggles, thoughts, etc. I’m kind of just going with it.

Why am I having such a hard time to tell you all about myself? Maybe because I’m the kind of person that likes to tell stories. I feel the only way to tap away about myself would have to be as in another novel…coming soon! LOL

Who have I been in a nutshell?

1.) A scared little girl desperate to receive her parents’ love and attention.  2.) A young mother and wife.  3.) A divorcee and a single mother for nine years.  4.) A party girl during the House music scene.  5.) A woman who’s heart was broken and broke many hearts too.  6.) A woman who married a Marine. 7.) Someone who struggled through school (took me thirteen years to complete my BS in Media Arts).  8.) Someone who struggled through bipolar depression and learned how to manage it after thirteen years of therapy.  9.) A hopeful optimist.  10.) A mother of three boys.  11.) A mother who believes in her children and they believe in her.  12.) A wife who struggles with her marriage and with her husband who’s been diagnosed with PTSD.  13.) A mother who is learning about Autism to help her youngest.  14.) A story teller.

Who am I right now, at this very moment?

A person who believes that love can kill demons—and in the power of God, who lives and reigns within us. <(^-^)>


[Special dedication:

My Everett (aka GamerFazbear on Youtube),

Thank you for believing I can do this. I see your eyes on me with that sparkle of wonder–believing anything is possible. Thank you my darling, my sunshine. You also can create. Together, we’ll change the world. XOXOXOXOXOXO]

When I can no longer stand the nakedness and I want to crawl back to my cave, he is my reason I keep myself out there:



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