About Genevieve

The Idea

Some time in 2010, I believe it was around winter, I thought about Genevieve. We had just moved to our first home in Texas and didn’t even have furniture. I remember our queen size mattress, my office space at the time, laid on the floor still. It was a moment of manic really.  I remember typing away, day and night–mostly nights. I’d stay awake through the night when all was quiet–just me and the sound of my fingertips tapping away on the keyboards. I didn’t know what I was going to do with her once I was finished. It’s been a learning process. I certainly didn’t think it would take me this long to share her with the world. What can I say? Motherhood has stolen her spotlight and pushed her to come in last. It’s ok though–she’s always known she’d come last–but she knew her story had to be told.

The idea of writing The Silent Life of Genevieve, came to me at a moment of personal growth. I had been thinking about my life as a woman and how I shared similar stories with other women I had met. I felt I wanted to go back in time and talk to my younger self, talk to other parents, and all the young women out there who were struggling with self identity and lack of self worth. I decided to combine the female experiences I had heard from others with some of my own and through Genevieve, deliver a message of courage, strength and hope.

The Background (in a nutshell—information not included in the actual book)

Genevieve comes from an awkward background. Her maternal grandparents were French but made their home in Mexico City. They had two daughters, one which stayed in Mexico and Genevieve’s mother, who moved to the US where she met her husband, also from French descent and Scottish. They formed a life in San Diego, California and had two children, a boy and a girl. Success was on their side and their future looked bright and complete in every way. They were happy.

The Summary

Genevieve can no longer stand who she is. Boring. She wants to be like her best friend Susan and take chances but enters a dangerous world of drug dealers, gang bangers, deceit and serious consequences. As her life takes a turn and her innocence is lost, her only consolation is thinking back to her magical fling in Mexico City with a boy named Pablo. Genevieve’s life begins to spiral and she is loosing control. She wishes she could go to her parents for help but discovers they too have secrets, and plenty of baggage of their own. Seeing she has no one to turn to, she must find the courage to speak up and change her path to a new destiny.

The Comments

“Sadly, this book will touch many girls hearts, perhaps it will help them understand that it isn’t ever too late to take control of their life.” – Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

” I found your story insightful and engaging to the end.”- S.H., CA

“Emma is not afraid to tackle taboos. In her novel, The Silent Life Of Genevieve, Emma addresses real life challenges that are all to often swept under the rug. While most people are uncomfortable discussing topics involving rape, drugs, & teen pregnancy, Emma faces them head on.
The Silent Life Of Genevieve is about a strong young women who is experiencing the harsh brutalities of life, yet learning that amid the pain there is always a place for love.”  – Sabrina White, OH