Someone tried to kill me today…

Someone tried to kill me today. I didn’t get to see their face; it was all so sudden. I was driving on an off ramp, going the speed limit—when I saw the vehicle. It was approaching quite fast directly behind me—white truck; not a monster truck but still quite high. I can’t recall the make and model. I was so startled when it happened and couldn’t think straight. All I felt was instant rage. Possibly the kind a momma bear feels when her young cub is in danger, since my son was riding in the back.

I’m not sure if they were male or female but I feel inclined to say HE. I have no idea why anyone would want to kill me and my son. Maybe I’m some kind of Sara Conner and some bad-ass from the future was sent to my 2017 to extinguish me? What if they meant to kill my son? I won’t know for now. I can just say I’m safe in my home, in front of my computer, blogging, telling y’all the story.

He came fast behind me. I had a car to my left and HIM following close behind. In an instant, the way most killers do in movies when they’re  trying to run someone off the road, HE switched lanes to my right and spad up. We were all three following the curve of the ramp, turning left, when he decided to go for the kill. He didn’t even care about the car next to me as he spad up and switched lanes again, cutting me off—the way killers do. His back bumper came so close to my van that if I had not had spidey reflexes, he would’ve hit me for sure. I probably would’ve hit the other car that was next to me. My son and I could have been dead.

Now, as I sit safe in my home, whenever I hear an engine reeving, I think it’s him. Is he stalking me? Is he waiting for the moment I forget?

Killers are cold blooded. If this man didn’t care about my son, what makes you think he’ll care about yours? Beware. They are out there…sent from the future…to kill.



Author: Emma G Prince

I am an aspiring writer (*wink), a mother of three perfect boys, a wife to a super hot mechanic, and daughter to the best parents in the whole world. Sounds too good to be true? HA! That's because it is! =D

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