Clearing the Air with Frankincense

Lately I’ve been feeling hate—hate towards my husband mostly. One day, that was all I could think about. He got home from work and I felt this negative energy consuming me. He got close to me and placed his arm around me—I wanted to push him away, almost in a rage. I didn’t know why.

Being a problem solver, I begin going through everything I’ve learned in my life so far. I realize my anger must be with my father, but why? I begin analyzing. Though it’s all making perfect sense (I’ll save the results for a later post) I admit there is a negative energy present.

Yesterday, I felt it. My mother is a big believer of spirits and I worry about her. I feel I’m here to protect my family. Several things have happened which have no explanation, and though I try to ignore such things, I admit I do believe in energy. After all, that is what moves us all.

I’ll keep this post short and share only the need to clean the air every now and then. I’m not an expert on everything; I don’t know why this works, but it does.


I found an article with some information I’d like to share. Apparently, there are different incense for different needs. For example, I didn’t know one shouldn’t burn Myrrh by itself!

“Unless it is mixed with an elevating incense it is liable to bring negative things to the person using it incautiously.” [article by Draja Mickaharic]

I think this would be a MUST read for those interested in incense. I’ll only share the title:

Cleansing Your Home and Environment with Incense


Author: Emma G Prince

I am an aspiring writer (*wink), a mother of three perfect boys, a wife to a super hot mechanic, and daughter to the best parents in the whole world. Sounds too good to be true? HA! That's because it is! =D

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